Elizabeth Pudwill

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Elizabeth Pudwill works directly with the public on a daily basis at the Houston Chronicle as Executive Assistant to the Editor and Chronicle Reader Representative. She is all around problem solver. A solution minded woman, helping people and finding solutions is what Elizabeth does best.

IKSH started in March of 2012 as a solution to a problem. “I had a friend who was jobless and had been for about a year. I shared with her ‘If we could just figure out how to connect all of my contacts to yours, and then sort of spider web out – you know connect all of them to each other and their contacts. Your job is in our network, I just know it.’”

I Know Somebody Houston was born. IKSH exists to provide resources to the women of Houston at home, work or play.

Originally from Southern California Elizabeth moved to Houston in 1996. When she is not helping somebody or solving problems Elizabeth is traveling to Los Angeles, Ca to visit her grandkids, working out, reading or cooking. Elizabeth is single, has 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren. She lives in Houston.